With our MobileSOP system, any trading representative/mercherdizer or seller (filedforce) can use his/her tablet PC or communicator to perform basic functions of retail audit, merchandizing, collection of orders from clients, payment acceptance, deliveries, sales, and visiting clients by the route chart


Pharmaceutical industry is characterised by a high level of competitiveness, which requires each competitor to recruit high-qualified field staff and permanently improve its performance. Thus, the success of your pharmaceutical business depends first of all on the management and monitoring of your field staff network, as well as on the efficiency of your workers' co-operation with doctors and customer's representatives (pharmacies and other organisations). 

We can provide you with a cost-effective solution suitable for your implementation in a few days, which will give your workers in the field a possibility to reduce time of visit, and give you means for dynamic monitoring of the market and control of your representatives' work activity practically in the real time scale.

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